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ENTRY2MARKET is not a regular trade partner. We make the entire process run as smoothly as possible, through our sales and marketing support services. We coordinate marketing activities and can be your idea generator. We have an eye for trends and can be your soundingboard for new ideas.

A true benefit is that we speak multiple languagues: Dutch | English | Turkish | German. We can translate your marketing material from English, Turkish and German to Dutch and from Dutch to English and we provide legal translation services (general terms and conditions, disclaimers, agreements) from Dutch to English and vice versa.

Sales Services

E NTRY2MARKET is a full service trading agency. We aim to make your trade process run as smoothly as possible. We will act as your intermediairy and spokesperson and will be your one contact and partner. Or we act as your external sales department, so that you can focus entirely on your core business. Some of our services:

  • Single Point of Contact
  • External Sales Department
  • Sales Process Coordination

Marketing Coordination

A fter your product made market entry, it needs to stay on the radar. We can help you with that. We know the Dutch trends and marketing possibilities. From mainstream marketing to social media, webshops, pop-up stores and in-store promotions. Our aim is to co├Ârdinate your entire marketing process. Our services:

  • Coordination Of Marketing Activities
  • Trendwatching And Advice
  • Text Writing And Translations