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Foreign Trade and Sales are in our DNA. We have an “antenna” for opportunities and a feel for trade. Stepping away form your strategy and looking at it from a distance can be difficult if it is your own strategy. ENTRY2MARKET can create the right distance so you can see the bigger picture. Or we take a more hands-on approach and act as your (external) sales department.

Legal Awareness is also in our DNA. Most of international trade is based on trust, which is good. But sometimes things do go wrong. And when it does, suddenly, your finances, reputation and future all hang in the balance. ENTRY2MARKET is convinced that early legal awareness and a legal foundation under your trading process are crucial to reducing the risk of something going wrong. We call it: Legal Anticipation.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

ENTRY2MARKET gives you an independent view on your trading strategy and helps discover new possibilities, products, markets. From ad-hoc sales advice to setting up an entire sales department or acting as your external sales professional, ENTRY2MARKET is your partner in sales. Our services:

  • Sales Strategy Advice
  • International Sales Lines
  • External Sales Support

Legal Consultancy

Most of international trade is based on trust. A legal foundation under your trading process is however always recommended. We can set up this foundation and advise on how your company becomes ‘legally aware’ without having to set up an internal legal department for your company. Our expertise:

  • International Law
  • International Contracts
  • Conflict Management