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Food Labelling – are you ready for new EU rules?

Food Labelling – are you ready for new EU rules?

In December 2014 EU regulation No. 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers comes into force. The regulation aims to standardize food labelling and information in the EU.

The regulation increases the mandatory information displayed on packaging and changes the manner in which the information is displayed. There are new rules for information on allergens and nutritional value and new demands for font types and sizes.┬áThe new regulation shall affect the entire food chain, from manufactureres, product owners and retailers to wholesalers (for pre-packed food). But also caterers, deli’s, fast food restaurants, bakeries and other offerers of unpacked food will be affected.

Ingredients, allergens & nutrition declaration

Besides new demands on how to name the ingredients on the label (by pre-determined names and with addtitions such as “nano” in case of engineered nanomaterials), all allergens must be “highligted” in a distinguisable typeset. Also new is the mandatory nutrition declaration, which was not mandatory up untill now.

Requirements for online sales

An important alteration to the current regulations is the demand that products that are sold online, are accompanied by the same information as displayed on the packaging, to be provided ultimately at the moment the consumer buys the product online.

Allergy information in fast food restaurants, bakeries, deli counters etc.

New regulations will be introduced that require food businesses that sell unpacked food, for example catering outlets, deli counters, bakeries and sandwich bars but also fast food chains, to provide allergy information on food, by handing out leaflets for example.

Not sure if your labels are compliant? Not ready yet?

ENTRY2MARKET can help. We can check whether your (new) labels are compliant, advise you on changes to be made or provide you with easy to use and custom made check lists for your labels or online information. The deadline for the information to be EU proof is December 2014.

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